The Book

Opened to Title Page

OBELISCOLYCHNY —an appellation that intoxicates the viewer with the potentials of unknown narratives, filled with mysterious possibilities leading to…what exactly? Obelisk-shaped lighthouses? Spit-lanterns wearing high-crown’d hats? A windmill inhabited by a cuckoo clock? Imagine these things and more, with the publication of the artist’s book, Obeliscolychny, featuring two etchings by David Avery and excerpts from Rabelais and Jarry connected with the abovementioned term.


Inside flaps

By David Avery, Panmuphle Press, San Francisco CA, 2013. Edition of 20.

8.5” x 6.5”; 10 unnumbered pages on left side, single page folded vertically on right side. Gray fabric covered board with small etching trimmed and mounted on the front cover. Interior fabric covered flaps with black foil embossed text open out to expose hand sewn pages of letterpress text on the left side, while a single page 27.75” x 5” etching unfolds vertically on the right side, page size 29.75” x 6”. The cover etching was printed on Van Gelder Simili Japon paper. The folded etching was printed on Magnini Revere Silk Ivory paper. The letterpress text using Scripps Oldstyle font was printed on Van Gelder Simili Japon paper.

Obeliscolychny is presented as both an editioned print and as an artist’s book. The book is bound in an edition of 20. The price is $1500.00.

The etching is printed in an edition of 21.The price is $1000.00 framed, $800.00 unframed.

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