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Work by David Avery is available for purchase online at these sites, all of which carry extensive and varied collections of prints by accomplished American and European artists.
Warnock Fine Arts

Annex Galleries

David Avery’s work will now also be carried by New Grounds Gallery in Albuquerque, NM.

Go to the archives of Meridian Gallery to view images from the 2005 exhibition “Works in Ink and Light”, as well as articles and an interview with David Avery.

Meridian Gallery


A printmaking dictionary providing information and definitions for anything you might want to know (or more than you want to know) about printmaking.

Graphic Arts Workshop. A San Francisco printmaking Cooperative devoted to providing a studio and community for etching, lithography and woodcut artists for over 50 years. (Where the artist first started as a printmaker) David Avery was the printer at this fine art print publishing studio in San Francisco, CA Los Angeles Printmaking Society The Boston Printmakers

Sites about subjects that influence the artist’s work

Animation Heaven and Hell. Zymoglyphic art, history and culture, all in one museum!

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster The perfect melding of art, religion and politics into one glorious whole!

The Museum of Jurassic Technology. What is Real?

Interesting Artists Instigator. Philippe Mohlitz–french master of engraving Alp Ozberker–strange watercolors