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God's Food
God's Food

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God's Food

A bound portfolio of eight etchings based on titles from the Bros. Grimm, which were selected by fellow artists, musicians, writers and collectors.

Printed and published by the artist in an edition of 24, with three sets of artist’s proofs. Numbers 1-18 sold as sets in clothbound portfolios, titles from 19-24 are available individually. The image and title plates of various sizes are printed on Zerkall Copperplate paper, 14” x 10”. The portfolio box is
14 7/8” x 10 ½” x 7/8”.

The boxed portfolio is available for $2500.00.
Individual titles are available for $400.00 each.

Available from:

Annex Galleries
Warnock Fine Arts

"Who could resist the imaginative provocations of such titles as The Singing Bone, One-eye, Two-eyes and Three Eyes, and The Glass Coffin, not to mention one of my favorites, The Straw, the Coal and the Bean. I saw in all this an opportunity, not to illustrate the Brothers Grimm, but to use their work as a point of departure from which the imagination could spin its own tales."

David Avery